Author(s) : Ganga Gopinath

Volume & Issue : VOLUME 2 / 2017 , ISSUE 1

Page(s) : 88-91


Wireless Medical Telemetry service (WMTS) is mainly used to monitoring a patient’s important or vital signal with the help of radio frequency. In United States the federal communication commission (FCC) established the WMTS by allocates specific frequency bands. The WMTS created the frequencies where Medical Telemetry is protected against interference from other RF sources. Here the antenna structure is made simple and looks like a rectangular strip of adhesive nature. And can be put on the human tissue. The antenna can be utilized as standalone antenna and fed by an coaxial cable. It is more dependent or favorable to wireless body area network.


wireless body area networks (WBANs), wireless medical telemetry service (WMTS), adhesive bandage like antenna.


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