Author(s) : Dona Mohan, Suriyakala C.D

Volume & Issue : VOLUME 2 / 2017 , ISSUE 2

Page(s) : 16-21


The rapidly growing demand for UWB high data rates wireless communication technology and the increasing interest in small, wearable antennas are the main motivation for this study. This study reports on the process of design, development and fabrication of textile UWB antennas for wireless body area network (WBAN). The main objective is to study the design of antennas which are able to be integrated within clothing, so that it will be a transparent (electronic) device to a human user. However, there exists various difficulties in designing UWB wearable antennas as compared to conventional narrowband antennas. This is especially challenging when designing using conductive fabric as its main construction material. The various considerations such as dimensions of the antenna, radiation properties, frequency range and low power consumption make the design process more complicated.


Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN), Ultra-Wideband (UWB), Bandwidth, Gain, Surface Absorption Rate ,EBG


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